Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to win awards and influence juries

The answer to the above title? Hell, we wish we knew... 
Otherwise how else would we explain just those 2 and a half nominations.
Across all the 387 film awards that this country has.
We even entered the Oscars from Croatia and were turned down.

But then we came up with a master stroke!
We'll make our own awards.
And we are the sole nominees - so there's no way we can lose.
But guess what? You get to play jury and audience.

Again, we've done away with the same old boring categories of Best Actor/ Actress and more.
We're in fact, even open to you suggesting some fun new categories that you'd wanna watch... 

Take a look... 
Most Absurd Lyrics

Most Outrageous Move

Best One Liners

Most Invisible Cameo

Most Overacting Extra

Best Suiting & Shirting
Best Rona-Dhona Scene

And here's how this works.
We'll be posting a new set of categories/ nominees every day.
Click through the videos and then vote for your favorites.
If your choices/ votes match the final winners - you could even win something - so what if it’s just a lousy t-shirt!

So ladies & gentlemen <drum roll> introducing the first ever… er… Y-Awards!

To participate & catch all the fun, log in to and  
You can also take a look at all nomination videos on  

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