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Fun Unlimited

From auditions, to the shoot and the promotions of Y-Films' Luv Ka The End, it was one 'kickass trip' for Shraddha Kapoor, newbie Taaha Shah, debutant directorBumpy and producer Ashish Patil. Here's why.

Like his unconventional name, Bumpy, the former director of MTV's Roadies, with his twirled plaits is sure to find instant youth connect. The leggy Shraddha Kapoor swirls in giggling, saying “This is actually a top” as she points to her brief skirt.
Producer Ashish Patil, former head of MTV, almost falls off as he tries to perch himself on the arm of a couch, while Taaha Shah, a model-actor from Dubai and the most shy of the lot, settles on the couch. Amidst throaty laughs, chortles and giggles the four rib each other as they talk about their film, Luv Ka The End, a one-night saga in which a heartbroken Shraddha decides to teach her boyfriend, Taaha, a lesson.

What a funny name, Bumpy!
Ashish: Actually his real name is Vivek Bhushan. But he never responds if you call him by that name!

Shraddha: On the sets it was Bumps, Bumpu or Bumbola.

Taaha: And mind you, like his name, his style of working and storytelling is fun and fresh.

Shraddha: To help me slip into my character, Rhea, who is smarting over a heartbreak and wants to take revenge on the boy who insulted her, he never told me 'Ab toh dukhi hona hai, toh yeh socho. He decided to irritate me to get the right expressions. He would irritate me with some stupid beep, beep sound,which put me off completely. He would then say “That's the expression I want”!

Bumpy: Yup, I am a non-conformist and my way of getting an actor to emote is completely unconventional. I first spend time with each actor to observe and note the person’s likes and dislikes and how he or she reacts to situations. Then, on the sets, I say random things to get the reaction I want.

Taaha: Actually Bumpy means stress-free shooting!

Shraddha: But at times he used to whack us with his plait to get us going! Did you grow your hair to hit us with it?

Bumpy: I love travelling, so I never get the time to look after my hair, silly.

Ashish: The best thing about Bumpy is that he came to make the film without any baggage.

Bumpy: I had never been on a movie set before, and I never thought of making a film. I was quite happy directing Roadies because I love travelling and eating.

So was the title his idea too?
Ashish: No, no, that was the result of many heads put together— Aditya Chopra, Bumpy,myself, and other members of the team. Initially there were a bunch of other options basically like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, but Luv Ka The End was apt since Taaha's name in the film is Luv and Shraddha feels like seeing the end of him.

Taaha: Initially my name in the film was Vikas Nanda but then it was changed to Luv Nanda, and the title was just right.

Shraddha: I love the title. It’s so dramatic! Luv Ka The End!

Did you actually meet Aditya Chopra...he's known as the invisible Mr India.
Bumpy: Yes, he is invisible and we were actually given special glasses on the sets so that we could see him!

Shraddha: He's real for sure! I went to the fourth floor to meet him. He has this huge, awesome office!

But is the film a rip-off of the Hollywood John Tucker Must Die?
Bumpy: The only point of similarity is that in both the films the guy breaks the girl's heart and both titles have the tagline –– Don't Get Mad, Get Even.

Ashish: The stories are very different. In JTMD, three ex-girlfriends of a serial cheater set up their former lover to fall for the new girl in town, so they can watch him get his heart broken. In LKTE, the hero breaks one girl's heart.

Shraddha: But it's a fun film, not at all serious. Even if there are some moments that get serious and preachy, some stupid thing happens.

Bumpy: The protagonist is only 18, so when your are 18 you do a lot of stupid things even if you are serious.

Taaha: Like you coming after me with a bat to hit me!

Shraddha: That was a good way to vent my anger.

Is that the same way you would react if your boyfriend were to break your heart in real life?
Shraddha: Hmmm,I cannot say. It would depend on the extent of the hurt.

And you, Taaha,would you cheat on your girlfriend and break her heart?
Bumpy: Hahaha.

Shraddha: He was flirting like there is no tomorrow.

Taaha: Why are you laughing? If talking to girls is flirting then maybe I am a flirt. But cheating is a big nono.

Is it true that the auditions were one big riot?
Shraddha: Ashish who is a huge fan of my dad (Shakti Kapoor) made me enact a scene from Raja Babu. Just like dad would do it...with my naada hanging down my three-fourth pants, and saying ‘ooou’ about 50 times! Overall, I was asked to do five scenes and three songs and was in the audition room for a good eight hours.

Bumpy: You were very good.

Shraddha: I had better be! I had set up a camera in my room at home and practised really hard.My first film, Teen Paati, did not do well and I was not going to miss a second chance. I just had to get it right.

Taaha: What about me? I had to improvise an itching scene pretending I had ants in my pants.

Ashish: That scene got you the film!

Bumpy: They are both good-looking people, but there were no inhibitions to perform whacky scenes.

So the target audience of the film is the youth?
Bumpy: It's a yuppy film.The characters and their styling –– everything is very relatable. That's why we took on a new stylist, Sonia Thomas, who has styled Shraddha and Taaha's looks.

Shraddha: Yeah, the clothes are quite quirky. Like wearing a top as a skirt as I am wearing now. Basically, she designed clothes that any college- going youngster would experiment and wear.

Taaha: And since I am the slightly flamboyant type in the film,my clothes are more loud, like gold tees.

Who is the most excited?
Shraddha: We all are.

Bumpy: Intially I was not, but the reactions

of my parents, and my friends’ parents have

got me excited. They can't believe that I have

actually worked with the sister branch of

Yash Raj Films.

Taaha: I make my debut with the film, so I have my fingers crossed.

Source : Indian Express

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