Sunday, April 17, 2011

LKTE Music Launch Event contest winners!

Below is the list of Winners of 'Luv Ka The End' Music launch event:

1. Ashwin Shetty
2. Geet Sharma
3. Vinesh Prabhu
4. Rajeev Act
5. Harshita Vaishnav
6. Bedit Banerjee
7. Nitesh Shahani
8. Srishti Gupta
9. Sanjana Ramesh
10. Abhinav Anand
11. Krunal Sanghavi
12. Jyotsna Talwar
13. Aarti Dave
14. Lavnit Gulati
15. Rohit Kumar
16. Shruti Kulkarni
17. Rutu Ladage
18.Richa Mehta
19.Tejas Goradia
20. Nisheeth Nair 

All the winners are requested to reply to the invitation mail sent to them and confirm their presence for the event as soon as possible.

This is not the final list; we would be updating this list once again in the latter half of the day.

Team Y Films

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  1. hey name is not there.....!!! :( even i want to be a part of the event.....!!!


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