Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Luv Ka The End - One helluva party to remember!

True to their commitment at the launch of Y Films, to make movies that rock... Rocked they have and how! LKTE is a complete entertainer from start to end.

After a 6 full day working week, this fast paced movie layered with fresh and peppy new faces has just the thing that the doctor ordered. Girlfriends in tow and you have one helluva party to remember.

Don’t get mad get even... This movie is a classic case of girl power, not being a feminist here but when dealing with dogs you just gotta be a bitch!!

Not one minute did I feel that the movie dragged, and the ending was as they call it - Icing on the cake. So to all those who are into fultoo entertainment kinda movies this one is a must dekko boss!!

Priyagi Prabhu

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