Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: Luv ka The End (Yahoo Movies)

Bubblegum romance in Hindi films has finally come of age. So, teens will still be teens but they've grown up with a healthy appetite for Southpark and Simpsons. Consequently, apart from turning their brains into pudding, this has made them more resilient to emotional turmoil and 'moving on' after a bitter break-up is as easy as opening a can of soda. And this attitudinal change is just what this film tries to portray.

If you haven't figured it out yet, 'Luv ka The End' is not a hate story but a pun on the character's name, Luv Nanda (Taaha Shah) whose girlfriend Rhea (Shraddha Kapoor) discovers his two-timing ways and decides to script his end. And Rhea is assisted by her two friends, Gollu (Errol Marks) and Sonia (Sreejita De) in planning and executing her masterplan to kick Luv's butt. And what spans out over the night before Rhea's 18th birthday, takes us on a hilarious journey of misadventures that spoilt brat, Luv Nanda is made to put up with. Some of the fun pranks include sprinkling itching powder in his undies and super glueing it to ensure longevity and drugging him enough to go all out at a crossdressing bar. You know how the story would wrap up but it doesn't matter when you're having a good time as Luv endures one nasty prank after another.

Shraddha Kapoor may have had a sullen start with Teen Patti but this film officially marks her arrival in Bollywood and with her spunk, it's safe to say that she's here to stay. From the rest of the cast, Errol is adorable as a bully who takes no bullshit and her dialogues are appropriately witty. The songs in the film may not make it to every iPod in town, but the lyrics of the "Main Hoon Taaza Mutton" warrant an applaud for lyricist Amitabh Bhattacharya and "Tonight" sung by Suman Sridhar has a cute quirky feel.
Needless to say, if this film doesn't manage to inspire shattered ex-girlfriends to fight back, it will surely arm womankind with novel ideas in case their partners ever dare to mess around. Mankind: be scared, very scared.

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