Monday, June 20, 2011


Y is it that Lalit Modi has chosen to speak against BCCI now!

Okay, we really are surprised about this sudden discovery of conscience that Mr. Lalit Modi is experiencing in himself, going by his tweets and the latest interview to a TV channel. What has surprised us the most is how conveniently he has totally blamed BCCI for killing Subhash Chandra's Indian Cricket League (ICL). And while he has a readymade explanation that he was just following the diktats of his organization while scuttling the ICL, it is almost akin to Hitler's men justifying the killing of the Jews by blaming it on the powers that be. If he was so affected by BCCI's high headedness, then he should have quit instead of actively being a party to all their plans against ICL. If you were the perpetrator of the crime then, you cannot take the moral high ground now only because you no longer are a part of BCCI. Not cool, Mr. Modi.

Not that we have loads of love for the BCCI. If we had had our say, we would have let go of all the politicians at BCCI and given the entire charge to Cricketers and professional sports managers.

Thank god there was no BCCI to choose Bhuvan's team, otherwise teen guna lagaan dena hi padta! :P

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