Thursday, July 14, 2011

Did you take a good shit this morning?

Go back to your bathroom and check. In case you are not the kind that checks after flushing, you are fortunate. You will manage to get a good look at the shit you have been a part of. No, we're not talking about what you ate last night. Yes, we’re talking about the 13th evening’s bomb blasts in Mumbai. Not one, but three. At around 7pm, the city was shaken, sorry, a correction, the world was shaken once again by an act of terror. Does anyone deserve this? We believe this is an irrelevant question. But does this anger you enough to feel motivated to do something about it is more of a relevant and deserving question. You might wonder what it is you can do about it. Frankly, we don’t know. But we’d like to believe, such anger will prevent you from trivialising the happening. Yes, a sense of humour is always welcome. But it must never dissipate the anger that you hold within.

That anger will help you ask the right questions.
That anger will not end in just another candle vigil.
That anger will not be just 140 characters long on twitter or a status update on Facebook.
That anger will ensure you don’t trash the government, terrorists, Kasab or his pals.
That anger will encourage you to point fingers at the right people.
That anger will teach you not to give irresponsible news channels TRPs in exchange for cheap publicity.
That anger will be infectious. It will spread to another person next to you.

But that anger would have been there only if you had squeezed your butt tight and not taken the morning shit after that ugly evening with grand relief. Not passed smooth bowel and reached office in time to worry about pending emails. Or college to get that attendance going for you. Oh and you can stop staring into the pot. You’ve already let go. And one more thing, next time you visit the loo, please flush.

P.S: There are only two kinds of people in this world. Those who don’t give a shit about stuff like this and those who are not gonna take this shit any more!

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